About me:

I bring a unique breadth of interests and experiences to my work, including the academic rigor of studying Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Oxford University, the lived experience of managing "bipolar", years of meditation practice, a wealth of experience of living in various intentional communities, the life-long commitment to campaigning for peace and eco-justice, and leadership experience of managing teams and starting up organisations.

I am passionate about new-monasticism, human-rewilding and artful-commoning, and feel called to open up ancient spiritual roots as a source of life for a world in crisis.

My Story:

After graduating Oxford University with a first class degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics, and taking an MA at York University in Post-war Recovery Studies, I decided to embark on the road less traveled, going to live and work in a community of people with and without learning disabilities, called L'Arche Bognor Regis.

So began my life off the beaten path!

I was soon given a leadership position with responsibility for a team of six people, caring for six adults with learning disabilities. This opportunity ignited within me a deep passion for personal and organisational development and flourishing, which continues to deepen to this day. I also began my meditation and poetry practices during this time, starting a life-transforming adventure into my inner world.

During this time, I developed the onset of "bipolar". This presented me with an immense opportunity to put all my learning regarding development, growth and well-being to the test. From ecstatic highs to terrifying lows, my life was hit by wave after wave, at times leaving me in total disarray. As a result I ended up leaving Bognor Regis and returned to Hull, to step back and take stock.

Over a number of hard years, surrounded by a huge amount of love and care, I slowly but surely made friends with my own mind and carved out a life for myself that makes the most of my unique experiences, gifts and passions, a well-crafted, happy life, a life of peace, authenticity, adventure and community.

Now I try to live that life to the full and to share the lessons I have learned, so that others may rediscover a richer, wilder life with a deeper sense of purpose, balance and flow. 


I am a published poet, and have just published a new collection, 'This Place', along with poet and artist Mike Sprout, which can be ordered here

Out of the collection, a community project in Hull has emerged. You can find more about the This Place Project here.

I was involved in an art collective and community gallery space in Hull, called GROUND, for many years. As a part of GROUND, between 2016 and 2018 I helped establish and run Mad Pride Hull, a small grassroots "mental health" network in Hull, working to "challenge normality and celebrate diversity".  

In 2018 I helped found Quaker Roots, a Quaker organisation working to build peace and resist the arms trade. 

I was involved in the L'Arche community in Bognor Regis for many years, living and working with adults with learning disabilities. I remain a friend of the community.