Real Conversations

In real conversation you can be taken to places that you never expected, you can overhear things in yourself you never knew you had in you. And you can absolutely change in a real conversation. It's like pure nourishment for yourself... You find new dimensions of yourself.

(John O'Donohue)

What Are 'Real Conversations'?

'Real Conversations' are a series of six 1-hour conversations, via video call, helping you to "get real" with yourself, your life and your world.

I offer a simple, grounded approach, promising no final answers and promoting no magic techniques or programmes. I work with the present moment, the 'Here-Now', helping you embrace and explore it from your own unique perspective.

Instead of asking myself what more I need to do, and killing myself and my creative powers in the process of attempting to carry it out, I ask myself: what is the courageous conversation I am not having?

(David Whyte)


I consider my work an art form and charge the artist union rate (£38 per hour) for my conversations, so I charge £228 for the series of 6 real conversations.

If you are interested, please get in contact at     

(I am committed to making my work available to all, regardless of ability to pay, so if you are on a lower income, do get in contact and we can arrange something).