Listening For Change

Work is a fundamental part of a full human life, but so much work in our modern world is soul and planet destroying. 

But things don't have to be this way!

I work with individuals and organisations to nurture ways of working that are wholehearted, mindful, caring, purposeful, effective and creative.

To do this I have developed the Listening for Change process.

Listening For Change is a process designed to equip organisations to listen deeply, supporting them with the practices and skills they need to grow a nurturing culture, resolve conflicts and attune themselves to emergent, creative, effective ways forward. 

The process involves developing skills at three levels - the inner, the interpersonal and the collective - and through transformation at all three levels, new ways of working together become possible.

If you are interested in the Listening For Change process for your organisation, please get in contact for an initial conversation, where we can explore how it could best fit with your organisation. 

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